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The lexicon lab is always open to hearing from folks who want to work in the lab! On this page, you will find information about open positions, how to reach out about joining the lab, the pathways through which you (as a student) can get involved, what you will learn and contribute to the lab, and our core values as a lab.

To know more about our work and current projects, please head over to our research or publications page.

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open positions

students: I'm interested! how do I reach out?

We are especially interested in students who have programming experience (web development, game development, and machine learning), statistical skills (knowledge of R/Python), prior research experience (in psychology, mathematics, neuroscience, or digital/computer science), and a strong desire to learn!

If you are interested in working in the lab, please read the information below carefully and then email the PI, Abhilasha Kumar, with:

  1. A brief description (1 page) or CV highlighting your relevant coursework, skills, and research experiences
  2. Evidence of past research/coding experience (a paper you wrote / analysis you conducted / code you wrote)
  3. A short summary (250 words) of any one paper from our publications page, with your key takeaways from the paper

students: how can you get involved?

There are four main ways to participate in research in the lexicon lab:

For each type of opportunity, follow the instructions above to reach out if you are interested in working in the lab.

students: working in the lab

Working in the lexicon lab can involve donning several hats - while students will typically take ownership of one or two projects, we believe in collaborative science. So, one day you might be expected to analyze data for your own study, while another day you could be asked to provide feedback to another student on their upcoming presentation. In either case, the PI (Abhilasha) will be committed to your growth and success. You can read Abhilasha's mentoring philosopy here, and find details about the types of students we are looking for, and the types of skills you can hope to gain from working in the lab below:

our values

As a group, we are not only committed to the study of the human mind, but also to developing a community of honest, compassionate, and curious thinkers, who are guided by some shared values. We look forward to hearing from you!