lab members

Abhilasha Kumar (she/her)
Principal Investigator | website | CV

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Abhilasha is a computational cognitive scientist who is fascinated by how humans learn the meaning of words and communicate with each other. She enjoys teaching statistics, coding, and interdisciplinary classes on AI & cognition. Outside of work, Abhilasha likes to play board games and tennis, and try new recipes and restaurants in Portland!

Thomas Mazzuchi (he/him)
Honors | Senior | Psych-Math major

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Thomas is interested in how humans generate and interpret speech in context, and is studying the use of pragmatic reasoning in language games. Outside of the lab, Thomas is the music director of his a cappella group on campus, and plays on the ultimate frisbee team.

Reed Warburton (he/him)
Independent Study | Senior | Psych-Bio major

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Reed is interested in memory and learning in both animals and humans, and previously studied social learning in bumblebees. Currently, he is working in an Independent Study on lexical retrieval and verbal fluency. In his free time, Reed enjoys exploring the outdoors with friends and helps lead the Running Club and Film Club at Bowdoin.

Nancy Xing (she/her)
Research Assistant | Junior | CS major

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Nancy is interested in modelling the verbal fluency task and visualizing collaborative gameplay between people. Currently, she is developing a web interface which helps researchers model mental search. In her free time, she enjoys drawing and playing viola in the Bowdoin Symphony Orchestra.

Kavya Doraswamy (she/her)
Independent Study | Junior | Psych-CS major

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Kavya is interested in learning how semantics and phonology interact in memory search and retrieval. Currently, she is exploring how semantics may play a role in tasks that target phonological fluency. In her free time, Kavya enjoys doing yoga and teaching Bollywood dances to students at Bowdoin.

Jon Sides (he/they)
Independent Study | Sophomore | Psych-Math major

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Jon is interested in language comprehension and semantic models, and he is currently studying how mental representations of object state-change are constructed during language comprehension. Outside of the lab, Jon works as a barista. He loves hockey, Star Wars, musicals, and going into the city.

Mingi Kang (he/him)
Independent Study | Freshman | CS-Math major

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Mingi is interested in how people optimally forage for concepts within memory. Currently, he is collaborating on developing Python scripts for the fluency task. Aside from the lab, Mingi works at Bowdoin Information Technology, and is an analyst for the Polar Investment club. In his free time, he loves introducing Korean food to friends, playing classical piano, and snowboarding on steep hills.


David Balota, WashU
Simon De Deyne, University of Melbourne
Ketika Garg, University of California, Merced
Sudheendra Hangal, Stanford & Ashoka
Robert Hawkins, Princeton
Michael Jones, Indiana University
Geoff Maddox, Rhodes College
Peter Millar, WashU
David Pisoni, Indiana University
Michele Scaltritti, University of Padova
Mark Steyvers, UC Irvine
Allyson Rosen, Stanford