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Abhilasha Kumar (she/her)
Principal Investigator | website | CV

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Abhilasha is a computational cognitive scientist who is fascinated by how humans learn the meaning of words and communicate with each other. She enjoys teaching statistics, coding, and interdisciplinary classes on AI & cognition. Outside of work, Abhilasha likes to play board games and tennis, and try new recipes and restaurants in Portland!

Amanda Cooney (she/her)
NSF Summer Fellow | Sophomore | Psych-CS major

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Amanda is intrigued by the individual and group-level differences that exist in memory search across multiple domains. She is currently working on the Cochlear Project, which investigates the impact of cochlear implants, and therefore different processes of language development, on memory search. Beyond the lab, she enjoys reading, writing, hiking, biking, swimming, and any new adventure with family or friends!

Richard Lim (he/him)
NSF Summer Fellow | Freshman | Psych-CS Major

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Richard is interested in how complex systems emerge from simple parts — how do billions of neurons work together to create an idea, and how can a few mathematical symbols simulate this complex behavior? Currently, he is investigating the relationships between age, individual and collective lexicons, and the structure of their associated semantic networks. Outside of the lab, Richard is active in Residential Life and Quiz Bowl. In his free time, Richard loves cooking, science fiction, and being in nature.